Words by Mandi Pimental

Nicolas Obery, a French master of digital art and sculpture, invited BASIC into his clouded world of imagery. Having worked side by side with luxury brands for 15 years, he has since branched off to create his own works. Works that will make you take notice of Obery’s own upside-down entertainment industry darkened by a veil of mystery.

Obery balances the nuances of real and fantasy by

“researching the subject’s life and story and changing the usual imagery one has of said person to create a different reality.”

Altering famous faces and brands such as Absolut Vodka, Karl Lagerfeld, Elvis Presley and more, Obery breathes life into his unique projects with a primarily dark palette, shadow play and a strategic use of light.

As greyscale, black and white take a powerful front seat, as seen on his controversial “Fetish” piece and his aquatic dessert mashup, “Fresh Fish”, BASIC asked Obery on the inspiration behind his somber choice. Obery stated that

“being a fan of black and white photography and not getting to work with black and white much in advertising”

, led him to a love of creating the obsidian-esque works.

Take note of an artist that strives to rival masters such as Salvador Dali and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Except that his canvas is digital and his main goal lies in recreating a parallel, surreal world by reinterpreting and reproducing mythical elements and characters.

As endearing as he is talented, Obery left us with the ritual in which he gets into the zone.

“Sitting in my office surrounded by books and superhero toys.”

Catch Nicolas Obrey as he continues to exhibit, experiment with new techniques and collaborate with photographers and visual artists throughout 2017.

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