Level Up Your Look with Bold Colors

Hey there, trendsetter! We know you love expressing your personality with bold and vibrant hair colors. But let’s face it, sometimes you want to switch things up and go for a more subtle look or fix that over-toned hair. Introducing the Color Oops Fading Wash Kit with Activated Charcoal – the ultimate lifesaver for gently lightening and fading your hair color. It’s time to play with different looks without the commitment!

Color Oops, the go-to hair care brand from Developlus, has got your back with their game-changing Fading Wash Kit. Say goodbye to aggressive bleaching processes and hello to a gentle yet effective way to fade, tone, and condition your hair. Whether you want to lighten your blonde locks a couple of levels, fix that over-toned mishap, or fade out that bold color, Color Oops Fading Wash is your new bestie.

Now, let’s spill the tea on what makes this kit stand out. It’s all about that blue bleach powder, babe! This magic powder works its wonders by lifting the color and brightening your hair tone, giving you the lightening effect you desire without going overboard on the damage. And guess what? The Activated Charcoal Shampoo is here to save the day by cleansing your hair and scalp, getting rid of all the dirt, buildup, and pollutants that can drag your hair down and mess with its overall health.

But that’s not all – this kit isn’t just fabulous for your hair, it’s also fabulous for the environment and our furry friends! Color Oops Fading Wash Kit is proudly vegan and cruelty-free, because who needs to harm animals when we can slay our hair game guilt-free?

Now, let’s take some inspo from our favorite celebs and influencers who are all about that fade life. Taylor Swift, the queen of transformations, went from strawberry blonde to a softer blonde, proving that a gentle fade can work wonders by lifting color by just 1-2 levels. And let’s not forget about Kylie Jenner, the ultimate hair chameleon, who rocks different colors like nobody’s business. They’ve shown us that fading and toning can give you that dreamy, versatile look. Influencers like Bretman Rock and Jackie Aina have also shared their hair color journeys, reminding us all to prioritize gentle and safe products.

Ready to get your hands on the Color Oops Fading Wash Kit with Activated Charcoal? You can snag it on ColorOops.com, CVS and Walmart. Plus, with an affordable price tag of just $14.99, you won’t have to break the bank to achieve your hair goals.

Color Oops is all about giving you solutions for those common hair color mishaps. They’ve got a range of products, from color removers to correctors and conditioning bleaches, catering to all your diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re saying goodbye to unwanted color, fixing those off-tones, or lightening your hair while keeping it in tip-top condition, Color Oops has got you covered.

Behind Color Oops is Developlus, a family-founded and female-owned hair care company based in sunny Southern California. Since 1991, they’ve been rocking the world of color and formula development, while promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, recognized by the Women’s Business National Council (WBENC), they’re all about empowering women and delivering top-notch products that meet the highest standards.