How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?
I want to share the energizing and disruptive impact of surrealism through fashion and 3D art. Some central ideas of our aesthetic are melting, fragmented, and simulated shell forms, bodies of desire, and observing the unexpected in everyday life.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?
These days, I am into accessories and lifestyle, which is why I designed a lot of 3D-printed accessories alongside my fashion pieces. Now, I keep developing some lifestyle products based on the 3D models.

What have been your weirdest and wildest sources of inspiration for your brand and design directions?
A dinosaur balloon from 1969, taken by an unknown photographer.

How would you describe your creative process?
I focus more on experimentation and fitting rather than sketches, preferring to observe proportions and find inspiration in people. I also focus on body exposures, proportions, silhouettes of the figure, placement of garment accessories, etc. The colors and prints in the collections usually come from my paintings. In my designs, I also think about what kind of female characters I am creating and whether or not I would wear such clothes myself.

Define what fashion means to you.
The ability to create art on a body. It’s a lifestyle and a vision.

What is one of your biggest dreams that you have yet to fulfill?
I’d like to have my own gallery and furniture store.

If this collection had a runway playlist, what three songs would be on it?
“Polaroïd/Roman/Photo” by Ruth
“What Do You Want” by Pet Conspiracy
A song by Helen Feng, maybe mixed with a hair cut ASMR.