Lost in the Music: An interview with Lostboycrow

Known for his introspective dance music, the Los Angeles artist has recently taken over the music scene due to his creative direction and great storytelling abilities. With a perfect balance of Electronic, Pop and R&B, Lostboycrow takes pride in his music alongside his thoughtful yet provocative lyrics. Yet, he has also made sure to cater to his current pop-centric audience. In this special interview, the talented Lostboycrow provides a detailed insight into his music career that ranges from his creative process to his recent collaborations that has made whirlwind.


ARTIST Lostboycrow @lostboycrow

PHOTOGRAPHY Madeline Lunzer @madelinelens

WORDS BY Guadalupe Zaragoza @_guadaochoa_

Official Music Video ‘SOUR’ by 1990nowhere, featuring Lostboycrow, Olivver the Kid, Armors released on Nov. 10, 2020.

BASIC: For individuals who are new to your music, how would you describe it?

LOSTBOYCROW: All over the place with increasingly more guitar. 

BASIC: What drew you to the music industry? What led you to create music?

 LOSTBOYCROW: My love of music led to both. Hard days night on cassette, the piano in my parents living room, the movie ‘that thing you do’, the music video for ocean avenue, seeing the academy is…live, and the friendships I’ve made along the way in all honesty. 

BASIC: Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs, and what’s the process like?

LOSTBOYCROW: I think inspiration is at its purest form when you’re not looking. There are plenty of feelings, ideas and adventures inside of you that are dying to get out and I believe the tiniest almost inexplicable moments can open that floodgate. The trick is learning to recognize when they’re ready to be let out into the world. From a melody you can’t get rid of to a pensive stroll – unsure how to classify what emotion you’re feeling. Explore it. 

BASIC: When you aren’t writing/playing/producing music, what’s your favorite thing to do..

LOSTBOYCROW: Playing basketball, tossing a football or watching drag race. On a good day it’s all the above with a pizza in the mix. 

BASIC: What do you feel is the best piece of work you’ve released, and why?

LOSTBOYCROW: I’m not sure I could narrow it down to a song or even a project. However I do think the album Santa Fe as a whole is something I’d be proud to show anyone 2 years ago or two decades from now. From the collaborations and friendships that sparked the location based writing trip, the songs themselves and the fact that it served as a real catalyst in my intentionality as a songwriter and musician from that point on.

BASIC: What is the biggest problem you’ve encountered in this journey of music?

LOSTBOYCROW: The distance between the creation/completion of something and the point of being able to share it with people. 

BASIC: What is your motto or advice you live by that perhaps you would share with fans and individuals who eventually would like to also break into the music industry?

LOSTBOYCROW: Authenticity to self will always be undeniable. Trust your gut. Have fun with it. 

BASIC: Which musician/artist would you like to collaborate next? Who would be your dream collaboration and why?

LOSTBOYCROW: It would be fun to do something with Magic City Hippies. Angel Olson would be great too.

David Byrne would be my dream collaboration at this point. I feel like I could learn so much from just being around him and it would be fun to push boundaries and really making something that matters. I feel like he’s checking those boxes and all the while cultivating fantastic music to accompany it.

BASIC: Tell us about your latest single Friends (1994) in collaboration with La Bouquet and Jez Dior.

LOSTBOYCROW: La Bouquet are some of the best around. I’ve had the pleasure of playing some shows with them and Bryan (singer/guitar/all things cool) and I have been writing together for years. We’re actually in another band called 1990nowhere with our dear friend Olen(armors). All that to say were no strangers to collaborating with each other. So naturally when Bryan sent me this song with an open verse on it I rolled up the sleeves and got right to work. His lyrics are always dripping with sincerity and a type of specificity that just hits me right where I want to be hit. It’s super conducive to being able to put yourself in the song and write your way out. Jez is another great mind and was excited to be able to all be on a track together. Didn’t hear his verse till after I’d written mine and it was no surprise chefs kiss all the way.