MADAME BUTTERFLY – Viviana Soldano

Photographer | Viktorija Pashuta

Stylist | Jesse J

MUA | Lupe Moreno

Hair Stylist | Atma Hari

Nail Design | Xuan Bui

Photo Assist | Jeremy Ponce

Words by Jessica Golich

Growing up in the spotlight alongside world famous designer father, Sergio Soldano, hallways of creativity were opened within the mind of fitness and glamour model, Viviana Soldano. Flash forward to a couple of decades later, and she herself is conquering the runway while mixing up her ultra-feminine style with the world of fitness and figure competition. Whether diving into her entrepreneurial roots and uniquely creating products within her steamy modeling forte or simply rocking the world in front of the camera, Soldano certainly has a superabundance of innovative tricks up her sleeve.

Gold Shoulder Piece – Rocky Gathercole Black Body Suit – Rocky Gathercole

With beauty standards changing almost every year. What is your understanding of true beauty? And what are your comments on women racing for the latest beauty tricks and technologies?
I believe true beauty really comes from within. By being confident, knowing who you are and accepting it. Beauty comes in so many forms, by how kind someone is, or how passionate, or by one’s character and soul. Unfortunately, our society focuses much more on external beauty. Strong character and a good heart is much more powerful. We all spend so much energy and time on improving or changing our external appearance. As a woman and model myself, I always love to try new skincare products, l love to wear makeup and I like to wear nice clothes, but that doesn’t define me. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying these things, I do believe a woman should take care of herself and age gracefully, as as long as she knows that it doesn’t really define her true beauty.

What are the most unusual beauty treatments or tricks you have tried or experienced?
Growing up, and even still now, I have used velaterapia. A process in which you burn your hair to rid it of split ends. I have also had a facial with human placenta tissue, which makes your skin super soft.

What are your top three beauty routines?
Besides drinking a ton of water and sleeping at least 8 hours a day, I always make sure I wash my face and remove all make up. I also deep cleanse my skin before I go to bed, which is very important! I also like to apply different serums under my day cream and night cream. I also always get a facial every 3 to 4 weeks, and as maintenance at home, I exfoliate my skin and apply a facial mask every two days. I am a total cream freak, as I also have an esthetician license.

Black Gown – Rocky Gathercole Jewelry – Charlie Lapson

Tell us, who are your most inspiring beauty icons and why?
Being in the modeling business most of my life, I have always been surrounded by beautiful & talented women. The ones that inspired me the most are the ones who appreciate their own inner beauty and never use their external beauty as a weapon or a method of control in order to get what they want. A particular model that always inspired me is Christie Brinkley, she is beautiful inside and out, forever ageless!