Words by Mandi Pimental

Photo by Dana Cole

Sophistication, pure talent and classic charm are wrapped up in a sweet vintage bow when speaking about darling 10-year old songbird Angelina Jordan. Jordan, with over 700 million views on social media and praise by some of today’s hottest musical stars, has taken the world by storm, solidifying herself as an international sensation. The Norway’s Got Talent winner spoke with BASIC on her talent and the influences that led her to find her exceptionally unique sound.

Your talent is truly exceptional and seems to come with such an ease when you perform. In a few words, how do you feel when you’re performing?
I feel at home when I’m on stage and the feeling or “energy” I get on stage is an amazing feeling.

What one piece of advice would you give to other young, talented individuals who dream of performing?
Do what you really love to do and don’t let anybody else decide something for you that you may not feel right about. Spend more time with people that give you good and positive energy. The other stuff will fall in place if you are dedicated to your art.

Now an author, your book that was released in Norway explains why you perform barefoot, can you share with us the special meaning behind this?
Yes! I was 6 years old when I was in Asia with my mother. On a street corner I saw a little girl who weighed people on a bathroom scale for a small fee, whatever change people had to give. I was shocked that the little girl didn’t have any shoes on and she looked very sad. I approached the girl and talked to her and she spoke of her dreams to become a doctor someday but since her parents passed away she doubted that she would ever be able to go to school. I was very sad to hear this, so I took off my shoes and gave them to her and told her that she must not lose hope and to pursue her dream. So, to honor her, I sing barefoot every time I’m on stage