BULLIES AND BICEPS Calendar by Mike Ruiz


Honoring The Memory of His Own Beloved Pit Bull, Oliver

 Benefiting New York Bully Crew Pet Rescue

Everyone loves photos of adorable pitbull pups.  So what happens when you pair the cutest pooches on earth  — who just happen to be in need of forever homes — with beautiful, hunky men?  The year’s most buzzed-about calendar.

Photographer Mike Ruiz’s 2019 calendar, “Bullies and Biceps,” is fourteen months of perfection (2 bonus months in 2020) that will put a smile on your face every day of the new year.


Abel Ljoka and Trinity 

Mike Ruiz is a celebrity photographer whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and countless others.  In addition to his work in Hollywood, Ruiz is known for shooting top male fitness models.

“I admire men who have sculpted their bodies into works of art,” he says. “It takes incredible skill and knowledge to form human tissue to near perfection.  Photographing their work is quite gratifying to me.”

The men featured in “Bullies and Biceps” are some of the biggest male fitness models working today including Bryan Richards, Michael Dean, Nick Topel and cover-model Casey Christopher.  Collectively they have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. They also are all passionate about animal rescue.

Nick Topel and Chip

Mike Ruiz, too, is a pit bull rescuer and this year’s calendar is in special tribute to Oliver, his beloved canine, who passed away last month.  Mike and Oliver shared six wonderful years together.  It was Oliver who inspired  Mike to fuse his two passions — photography and pit bulls — together into a calendar that would benefit dogs in need of rescue.

The pit bulls that appear in the calendar were chosen at random and represent only a fraction of those in need.  “This is a very sad time to be in rescue,” explains Carla Mohan of the New York Bully Crew.  “People are giving up their dogs without remorse.  Pit bull type dogs are especially vulnerable because most rescues shy away from saving them due to lack of experience, knowledge and the negative media coverage the beautiful creatures have received.”

Michael Scanlon and Roxy

Founded by Craig Fields in 2010, New York Bully Crew specializes in the rescue, rehabbing and rehoming of pit bull type dogs.  They partner with city shelters around the country to help local animals and have also begun outreach in Puerto Rico, Honduras, Peru,  and South Korea.

Casey Chrstopher and Oliver

“Pit bulls are the most loyal and loving dogs,” Carla continues.  “They are soulful creatures that can be the silliest best friend ever. I have had many different breeds of dogs in my life, but none compare to pit bulls.”

Bryan Richards and Mocha

She hopes the calendar will open people’s eyes and hearts to this goofy and jolly breed.   While shooting the calendar, the pit bulls on set stole the hearts of the super gorgeous male models.  “I wanted to take them all home with me,” laughs Casey Christopher.

Every dollar made from the sale of the “Bullies and Biceps” 2019 calendar will go directly to New York Bully Crew for various services benefiting the health and welfare of the dogs..  “The calendar makes the perfect holiday gift and also brings awareness to these special animals,” says Mike Ruiz. “Every pit bull deserves a forever home.


Mike Ruiz’s 2019 calendar, “Bullies and Biceps” is available for only $24.99 at www.nybullycrew.org