Illustration by Jason Ebeyer



Q&A with Illustrator Jason Ebeyer

From where do you cull your artistic inspiration?

I get my inspiration from what I am surrounded by, along with themes and ideas I can’t explore in the physical world. Within my work, I tend to lean towards the abstract and surreal as well as sci-fi erotica. I mix ideas of sexuality and beauty with themes and references to popular culture, fashion and BDSM.

How would you and others describe your work?

One common theme which I hear thrown around a lot regarding my work would be “inclusive.” I’ve designed my main models to look racially androgynous. This is something which a lot of my audience appreciates and feels they can relate with, which is a really cool feeling. As an artist, you want to be able to connect with your audience and I’m very fortunate that so many people can do that with my work.

What is your artistic process?

I don’t really have a set process when it comes to creating new work. Sometimes I’ll sketch out an idea and build from there, other times I’ll have an idea in my head and I’ll just start playing with it inside the 3D software. Most of the time, my original idea isn’t the final piece I produce. The idea usually grows and evolves as I’m working on it.


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