"Weight on Their Shoulders" by Jorg Karg


Digital Collage by Jorg Karg, Germany

Words by Amanda Vandenberg

Jorg Karg is a German photographic artist working in the realm of digital collage. His exploration of the medium acts as a way to build a language, with the cutting and additive nature expanding its boundaries. Using complementary source material, the disparately drawn fragments that have happened elsewhere take on the shape of a harmonious whole. There is a musical, feverish quality to the making of the work, as though Karg needs to exaggerate elements to unveil their meaning. The results are minimalist dreamscapes that follow formal rules of color, shape and style.

“Weight on Their Shoulders” by Jorg Karg

We come face-to-face with monochromatic tones and soft curves, rather than edges, a clean romanticism given color by scene setting titles. Karg approaches his work as though through the eyes of the old masters, wondering what they would have made if they had the opportunity to use cameras and modern editing software.

The most captivating element of Karg’s assemblages is the permeability between figure and object. The precise accuracy with which parts are twisted and overlaid makes the original divergent fractions indecipherable from one another. This is especially true in “Weight on Their Shoulders,” where arms, wings and architecture twist together like an inter-dimensional contortionist preening in the evening. Within “Shiny Ruin,” limbs of indistinct origin are in full focus while the facial details have fallen vague. “Strange Fruits” is Karg’s most surrealist work, with a figure comfortably perched on a high-contrast banana. Though harboring an intuitiveness, the universe Jorg Karg has constructed is always one step ahead of comprehension.

“Strange Fruits” by Jorg Karg

www. jorgkarg.com

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