RED VENOM BY Thora Stefansdotti

Presented by JONY KNOWS

BASIC: Describe this series in five words or less.

STEFANSDOTTI: Experimental, structured, free.

BASIC: If this collection had a soundtrack, what three songs would be on the list?

STEFANSDOTTI: Probably a strange mixture between manygenres: “Stingum Af” by Mugison,  “Voodooin my Blood” by Muse, and “Break the Ice” byBritney Spears.

BASIC: What is the most important message you would like to share about your brand?

STEFANSDOTTI: Freedom, sustainability, and body positivity are the things that have driven me and pushed me forward, so I would say these three elements are fundamental to me and my brand.

BASIC: What is the inspiration behind this collection?

STEFANSDOTTI: It is an emotional body of work, exploring the definition of memories attached to certain items and the emotion behind them. Each memory connects to a cluster of emotions and I have interpreted them as garments on my body. I record myself draping the emotion appropriately on my body. I feel the weight and heaviness of it—or the lightness. The recordings have become a big part of the research and it puts the vulnerability of the collection into perspective.

This process has inspired the shapes and the prints—the print being an accidental process that happened while criticizing my body in the videos I had taped. I started to look at my body as a surface or a canvas rather than having negative feelings towards it. Body image pops up in many of the memories as it has been attached to my identity for years. This has been an opportunity for me to let go of the negativity I have towards my body and embrace it for what it is. I wanted to explore the clothing as a capsule or a feeling that you can let go of. The garment then becomes an item of healing, allowing you to feel the emotion and letting it go once the garment is taken off.

BASIC: What is your earliest memory of being introduced to the world of fashion design?

STEFANSDOTTI: Growing up, I did not really know what fashion was. I am from a small town in the north of Iceland and learned about fashion mostly through textiles and art. I was always around textile artists and fascinating materials, which I just wanted to wear.

BASIC: What experience in your life has made the most significant impact on your career?

Probably my upbringing. My creative practice is about using what I have and using what others might think of as rubbish. Growing up in Iceland, being sustainable was normal to me. It was not something new, but it was something my parents had practiced their whole life. Being resourceful and respectful of items you are around is a part of Icelandic culture. My mother is a weaver and she introduced me to the importance of quality and what goes into the making of fabrics and how precious every material is. My father specializes in renovating old houses, which has led him to the belief that nothing is ever ruined. Everything can be reused and repurposed.

BASIC: Are there any other creative channels you use to express your creativity?

STEFANSDOTTI: I love doing a little bit of everything. I am constantly challenging myself and looking at other ways to express my work.

BASIC: What does the word “vendetta” mean to you?

STEFANSDOTTI: In Icelandic, the word “detta’’ means falling. That is the first thing that comes in mind.