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BASIC: If a genie were to grant you three wishes, what would they be? 

SYLVIO GIARDINA: I would ask the genie to fight off Covid-19 and end these dramatic times. As for other wishes, I don’t have any. Beautiful things in life happen when you least expect them, and I love surprises.

BASIC: What song always gets you in a good mood and what song makes you cry?

SYLVIO GIARDINA: My feel-good song is “La Noyee” by Yann Tiersen from one of my favorite movies Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain. It’s a little French masterpiece. A song that drives me to tears is “I’ll Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga (from A Star Is Born). The first time I listened to it I remembered an argument I had with my partner. It’s not by chance these songs come from two movies. I am a lover of film and very much miss going to the cinema. Tell us about an experience that really drove your talent and overall career path.I don’t know if I am talented. I love my job, which is a great passion in my life, but I always search for what satisfies my hunger for curiosity and knowledge.

BASIC: What message would you like to share with the world about your brand? What does your brand stand for?

SYLVIO GIARDINA: My brand aims at preserving the memory of an ancient craft: haute couture, which is rooted in the tradition of Italian high-quality tailoring. The message I would like to share is to never forget our roots and our history. It is because of them that we can create our future.

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