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Manila, Philippines.

BASIC: What are top three destinations are on your travel bucket list and why?

JESSAN MACATANGAY: Siargao Island in the Philippines, Bali Indonesia and Hokkaido in Japan. I chose the first two because I grew up in a place near beaches and I miss that lifestyle here in Europe. I am fascinated with the beauty of Japan.

BASIC: What Is your favorite inspirational quote or expression that you live by?

JESSAN MACATANGAY: “If you want to be happy, be.” –Leo Tolstoy

BASIC: Which movie made you cry and which movie made you laugh?

JESSAN MACATANGAY: The movie that made me laugh the most is “Paul”. The movie that makes me cry every time is “Forrest Gump”.

BASIC: What is the message you would like to share with the world on your brand? Or what your brand stands for?

JESSAN MACATANGAY: Human Resilience. My first collection is about finding beauty and power in struggle, which started from exploring my personal mental health. It’s about human beings’ resilience to face every hardship in life and adapt. I want to focus on mental health, the mental health issues and struggles we face every day and ways we can overcome it. Some struggles are not within our control. Being resilient and persevering, even when it seems the odds are against you, are probably the strongest personal values my brand upholds. Finding the best solutions means facing and dealing with the struggle and manipulating it by finding ways to fit through it.