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Tarragona, Spain

BASIC: What are top three destinations on your travel bucket list and why? 

SIIGGI: Rural Japan. I love so many elements of Japanese culture. One of my dreams is to live in the countryside for a few months and completely immerse myself. Cádiz, Spain. There’s this beautiful song named ‘Cai’ by Niña Pastori where she sings about missing her town, it makes me cry every time as I share this same sentiment living abroad. Sri Lanka. I would love to experience living off the grid on the coast and it would be a dream to do it somewhere in this beautiful country.

BASIC: What Is your favorite inspirational quote or expression that you live by? 

SIIGII: “Little by little I undo everything in me that could be called ‘me’. I reenter myself incessantly as if into an enchanted forest. I own nothing, I grasp nothing, I know nothing, I can do nothing. However, the entire universe crosses through me, arriving to fill me with its whirlwinds before leaving again. I am the infinite sky that lets the clouds pass by. What remains of me? A single gaze staring at nothing, aware of itself, which makes itself the last and ultimate reality. Then I explode into pure light.” Excerpt from: “The way of the Tarot: The spiritual teacher in the cards” by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Chapter: XII Le Pendu.

BASIC: Which movie made you cry and which movie made you laugh? 

SIIGII: ‘Django Unleashed’ made me cry. ‘Napoleon Dynamite’made me laugh. 

BASIC: What is the message you would like to share with the world on your brand? Or what your brand stands for? 

SIIGII: Through my art I wish to heal and liberate myself and others. Even though my concepts are really personal they always hold a universal message that creates space for reflection and growth.